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Moments in Motion with Love

My Story

Denise Cesare is a published author, keynote speaker, and social emotional learning specialist focusing her efforts to serve the needs of schools, organizations, and communities. Understanding the mental health crisis and subsequent issues that arise with limited resources to help, Denise quickly recognized the need for providing the tools and coping mechanisms to make fundamental changes starting at a young age.

Denise's first book was born out of this very need. In 2020, she quickly recognized that many children were not coping well with the experience of being quarantined in a pandemic, and many craved guidance during this very confusing time. While working daily with them, her book “Moments in Motion with Love” poured out of her.

This book illustrates the beauty of every moment, celebrates our children, and brings forth their significant connection to our planet. It is a book to start a conversation with parents and educators to heal the stress that our children are feeling. Many adult communities use the book as a resource as well for coping with their own stressors.

Denise has worked as a Speech Language Pathologist and Special Education/Social Emotional Specialist for over 25 years earning two master's degrees. In 2006, she lost her voice due to a condition called Spasmodic Dysphonia from a major car accident. Through treatment and a whole lot of faith, she has been able to regain her voice. Since that time, much has come to surface for her about the meaning of life, the importance of being present, the gift every moment offers, and the power love has to heal.

Combining her vast education, continued learning, and personal experience, currently as a keynote speaker, Denise delivers research-backed talks on regulating emotions, mindfulness education, and kindness initiatives. Most recently, Denise was featured in the Inspired Girl Lightworkers Series: Talks on Kindness and the Human Connection. In addition to the talks she gives, her wisdom has been featured online, in-print, on podcasts, and live streams in outlets around the world such as iHeart Radio, Staten Island Advance, Shout Out LA, Women Thrive, Our Voices, Bella Magazine, Wheelhouse: Women Changing the World, and This is It TV, just to name a few.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and currently resides in Staten Island with her husband Dan of 25 years. She has an amazing son, Daniel, working and living in Pennsylvania.

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"Moments In Motion With Love shines a bright light on the very gift we often overlook—the present moment.  When we pause and take a breath we literally take it all in, from the breeze caressing our skin to the colorful wildflowers dotting the landscape around us. 

Moments In Motion With Love is a book that every parent and child should have on their night table.  It is a powerful reminder that even when times are difficult, life itself is the greatest gift."

Tom Kersting, Nationally renowned Psychotherapist, Professional Counselor and the author of the popular book, Disconnected: How to Protect Your Kids from the Harmful Effects of Device Dependency.

"Moments in Motion is a beautiful children's book that radiates love on every single page. The way this story illustrates the beauty of life and our human connection to the universe will immediately put you and your little ones in a more positive place. Bravo Denise Cesare!" 

Ashley Bellman, Entertainment & Lifestyle Reporter/Host

"In a time when we feel we've lost so much, this delightful book, "Moments in Motion", by Denise Cesare, comes along to remind us of the beautiful world around us. In those moments when we take time to appreciate what we have; peace and happiness fill our hearts."

Angela C. Horne, Educational Administrator, NYCDOE

Where do I even begin? First off, the book is beautifully illustrated and the paperback feels so nice to the touch. I did not expect it to be as thick as it is!

Second, the author did a beautiful job with the story. My husband read it too and said that this was such a great book! He does not say that very often. The little mini-messages in the book are things that are not taught so much in school. These are the moments that we need to teach our children on a day-to-day basis.

I love at the end of the book, your child can color and create their own little story. But, the affirmations that kids can say daily is beautiful! Even parents could say these daily affirmations.

Beautiful book and I will definitely be recommending this book to everyone I know.

Cara B., Educator and Children's Author

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